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Our one-bedroom effeciencies are located, near the Centerville square, in multi-unit apartment buildings.

All effeciencies have a private kitchen and bath and are available fully and elegantly furnished. Some have a shared living area/bedroom. Others have a seperate bedroom and dining room.


  • On-Site Management
  • Well kept grounds
  • Private off street parking
  • On-Site Laundry
  • Private Courtyard
  • Conviently located
  • Private Entrances ***
Location Bed Bath Size Rate
419 E. State Street 1,2 1
508 E. State Street 1,2 1
303 E. Maple Street 1,2,3 1,2
Unit:			Size: 			Rate:
1 Bedroom/1 Bath	400-600 square feet	$350 per month*
2 Bedroom/1 Bath	600-850 square feet	$450 per month*
1 Bedroom/1 Bath	400-600 square feet	$350 per month*

*Starting rate listed. Rate varies with size of unit and number of occupants.
**Some units include utilities; however, for those that don't units are energy effecient.
***Some first floor units have private entrances available.

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